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Nissan Murano Reviews has released information about the redesign of the Murano Suv 2013. The car will be equipped with important safety devices while aesthetically the changes are minimal Nissan has officially released as of 2013 which will affect the restyled Nissan Murano. This is an Suv that he made his first appearance in the Japanese car list in 2004 and then undergo during 2010 a first update. The aim of the manufacturer is revising the aesthetics and, in particular, the technique of the car by installing new security devices to make it more competitive on the market. In fact, motorists who turn to the category of Suv more than search for high performance soffisfacenti and require rather safety and driving pleasure.

On the aesthetic characteristics, the new Murano was equipped with a new parauti band in the front that encompasses the fog lights while the rear light clusters are renewed in form and Led technology. There are also two new colours: Midnight Garnet and Gun Metallic. As we said at the beginning Nissan decided to focus particularly on security and it does so by installing new systems. We are talking about the Blind Spot Detection that allows you to control the position of the cars to the side and the Lane Departure Warning, which alerts the driver if the vehicle leaves its lane.

Regarding the technical characteristics instead there will be changes. For the Nissan Murano and then will be available on 2.5 l TurboDiesel from 190 horsepower 4-cylinder that promises to fuel consumption in the order of 8 liters every 100 km.

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The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet combines two seemingly distant worlds: that of SUV'S and discovered. The official debut will be tomorrow at the show in Los Angeles while the arrival list (that North American, though) is planned for 2011.

The difference compared to "normal" model are numerous: the absence of the rear doors, the approval of four posts (instead of five) and a canvas roof. Remains unchanged, the technical background: petrol V6 3.5 engine with 256 HORSEPOWER and four-wheel drive. In the coming days the Japanese House will show more pictures and further details.



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