2013 Mini Paceman Specs

2013 Mini Paceman Specs - One of the most anticipated cars with youthful style of the moment is the MINI Paceman 2013, is one of the machines more fun to drive, not only by special of your engine but also by comfortable and introduction that results be for everyday journeys.

They have not yet revealed further information in relation to its equipment, however it can be deduced that it invests in everything you need, for example a multi-function steering wheel inside, Bluetooth connectivity, a radio CD with MP3 player and of course air conditioning for all seats.

Cost and propulsion The data obtained to date suggest the MINI Paceman 2013 is a compact three-door, with multiple colors for the bodywork, installs an engine capable of emitting an equivalent to the 184CV of power development.

The official cost of the MINI Paceman 2013 will be € 20,000, according to the signature publications marketing will begin in the month of March of 2013, only hoped to see if her first presentation given during the celebration of the Auto Show in Paris 2012. Engines Part of the propulsion data, it has been extremely difficult to investigate the technical characteristics of the vehicle, however it is known that the MINI Paceman 2013 will be released in updates to gasoline, diesel and even 130hp.

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