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Two-thirds of Britain's most senior civil servants are so demoralised that they are considering leaving their jobs, according to the first survey of mandarins to be conducted since the coalition's reform plans were published.

 conducted by the FDA union also found that almost one in four Whitehall staff in the top three grades of the service want to leave their jobs immediately. Many blame ministers' public criticisms of civil servants and a widening pay gap with the private sector as reasons for looking to move on. Others say there is an urgent need for structural pay reforms and a change to an institutionalised long hours culture.

The findings appear to confirm recent fears of a growing crisis within Whitehall since the coalition announced wholesale changes in June. Tensions have led to claims of a "cold war" between officials and ministers. They have continued to blame each other for a series of high profile mistakes including the West Coast mainline fiasco, the "omnishambles" budget, immigration rows, the mishandling of ash dieback and the bungled badger cull.

They follow a number of high profile resignations of permanent secretaries and anger over the way that Theresa May forced Brodie Clark, the former head of the border force, from his job in 2011.

According to Dave Penman, the FDA's general secretary, the survey shows that the government is facing "an exodus of talent" from the public to the private sector if the economy picks up.

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