Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Specs


Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Specs - Queen of the Nurburgring in 7:46

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Black Series, led by pilots of German magazine Sport Auto does mark a new crucial lap on Nurburgring track difficult: 7 minutes and 46 seconds

By this time the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Black Series, Dunlop Sport tires shod Maxx M0, it ranks among Porsche Carrera S (7:44) and BMW M3 GTS (7:48). Besides the lap time, the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Coupe does score an excellent time on Sprint from 0 to 200 km/h, only 13.9 seconds; as a reminder the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Coupe is powered by a 6.3-liter V8 engine capable of delivering 510 HP and 457 Nm of torque. For full features I suggest you the full Report on Performance and technique of new Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Coupe.


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The House is famous worldwide for its sedans that are a concentrate of technology and quality. These peculiarities that have always characterised the German Star, the latest stylistic course managed to finally put all agree with coaches sports and finally bad.

The Mercedes C-class Coupe is a Coupe decidedly oriented towards elegance and comfort, a car that observing it certainly conveys not dynamism. Well, the AMG Group, which specializes in "doping" series models, has announced the release of the original version for January C63 AMG Black Series, equipped with a 6.3-liter V8 engine capable of delivering the incredible power of 517 HP, the highest installed power under the hood of a C-class in the history of this model.

The maximum torque is equal to 620 Nm. This allows the C63 AMG Black Series Coupe to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds (according to provisional data provided by Mercedes), thanks to the presence of Speedshift MCT transmission with seven gears, with four management programmes (including Sport plus and manual that allow running steps in 100 milliseconds) and Race Start function. Several elements in carbon, some of which were inspired by the iconic SLS AMG, make it look very sporty new C63 AMG Coupe Black Series and at the same time improves aerodynamic characteristics.

Clearly was adequate also active safety, through a limited slip differential and Esp with three alarm points, expanded roadways of 40 mm at the front and rear and 79 mm "passive" suspension redesigned to be adjusted by the driver. The braking system is clearly doped too and can count on new huge brake discs from 390 mm diameter with six-piston calipers in the front and 360 mm at the rear four pistons.

The interiors have been redesigned with the stated aim of reducing the overall weight of the vehicle; no more rear seat and front seats with loud calls to the racing world. As always is given wide freedom to customize the buyer through two packages: "Track" which includes Dunlop Tires semi slick and a differential cooling radiator located in the bumper, and posterirore "Aerodynamic" which involves adding a rear spoiler and carbon fiber parts for the rear bumper.

The car was presented last weekend at the Grand Prix of Germany at the Nurburgring. The price is certainly not for everyone, it comes to 115,430 euro turnkey. The first aircraft will be delivered from January 2012. A model exaggerated then, for all lovers of sport performance without compromise and runway. Performance, however, in this case, safely, given the wide range of devices and electronic driving AIDS available.

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