2013 Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren Roadster

2013 Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren Roadster : out of doors trips and unique feelings

It's not only the engine, although highly effective, as all the time, to declare the maximum sportiness of the brand new Mercedes SLR McLaren who, as soon as the home of Stuttgart will also supply Roadster version.

So as you wont do for Formula one cars, in actual fact, the brand new German Roadsters will reap the benefits of their own physique - widely used carbon fiber that, besides making lightweight and supple the automotive, very actively participates in lively and passive safety of the vehicle, in addition to ensure that elasticity derived from the torsional rigidity that permits the automotive to deform on impactwithout coming into contact with the occupants.

The identical qualities that allow these extraordinary roadster to copy the advantages which are normally of single seaters and reflected the higher performance with most velocity between the best, over 330 km/h, thanks to powerful eight cylinder engine AMG Kompressor by 626 horsepower, all in absolute consolation of travel and drivingfor occupants who, if you take the roof, tucking cloth and discovering the car will enjoy the distinctive pleasure of travelling, tops in the wind, however when the car dichiudere will enjoy, in the absolute effectively-being, of the benefits of recent Coupe.

And if the brand new SLR Roadster in fact inaugurate a new philosophy for the Supersport discoveries, mixed both the form of classicism that the League, when it comes to experience and tradition of automobiles half a century in the past recovering from them the legend of the victorious SLRS of the period, revisited in a historic and replicated as we speak in very fashionable key with the Components 1 team Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes.

And that the racing world belong to proper with current SLR it testifies to the actual design and the look of those cars, starting from the front, where it is straightforward to revive the form of the "silver arrow" of Formula one with that of modern Mercedes roadster, as well as, it isn't tough to find in present versions of the weather that made nice house to Stuttgart with the vehicles of a half century agoToday relived, stylistic key, facet ribs, the gull-wing doors of nice openness, to mention only two.

A tangible sign that a fantasy is not destroyed, if anything it reevaluates seizing in it one of the best elements to export on current models. So, the new Roadster we discover, on one hand, the fashionable Components 1 technology Mc Laren Mercedes Benz companion, the constructive expertise of the latter firm and components from the previous in a contemporary method which does not fail at all, certainly ....

At present, SLR Mc Laren - Mercedes Benz is, subsequently, with a contemporary, lightweight roadster, perfected in accordance with the necessities of the monocoque body and its expertise, in a position to get glorious driving dynamics, equal to that of the Coup supersportivi.

That will make the journey experience, open air, an electrifying emotion to attempt then, we're certain, not desirous to ever extra abandon.


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