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What do birthdays, babies, weddings, graduations, holidays, and parties in general have in common? People are involved, yes. Planning is involved, yes. In most cases Gifts are involved, but not always. Time is involved. But the word I was looking for is invitation.

If you are planning a party for one of the above events invitations is generally involved! What do you do with invitations? You invite friends, family or both of the one you are honoring. You take the time to find out who the guest of honor would love to have at their party. If it's a surprise party it might even take a little more work in figuring out who to invite. A lot of time can be involved in writing out invitations and in some cases emailing.

Once you have the invitations written out one of the most common four letters at the bottom of the invitations is RSVP. Does anyone know what that means? Well it is French "Repondez, s'il vous plaƮt" or "Please reply." If you want to get technical it is translated "if it pleases you". However the French are not know to be demanding and when they ask for something from someone they say "if it pleases you". The American translation is "please respond".

So when you see the RSVP at the bottom of an invitation it means the person sending out the invitations really needs to know if you are coming? They need a definite yes, or no. You will notice that beside the RSVP there is the word by and a date. This means they need to have a definite yes or no by that date. The date is placed there so the person can plan a successful party by having the right amount of food, drink, and possibly party favors. It is really important to know who is coming in order to have enough supplies on hand. And to not have so much that a lot of time and money is wasted.

What it doesn't mean is you respond if you plan to attend, and ignore the invitation if you cannot make it. It also means you don't wait as long as possible to accept with the hope that something else better comes up. It takes just a moment of your time to respond. If you can't make it, just simply state I am sorry I am unable to attend. You are not obliged to explain why, if you wish to explain that is up to you.

Plain and simple the host needs to know whether you will be attending the event or party. By responding you are helping the host determine what they need in order to make this a very special time in the life of the person being honored. The most important part of the success and failure of any party or event is the people who are invited.

The next time you receive an invitation to a special event or party and see those important four little letters arranged so neatly followed by a date, please respond within a reasonable time frame.

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